You’ve worked extremely hard to ensure your clients have the best opportunities to achieve financial security… but as you know life is unpredictable.

So what may be the biggest risk to your clients’ financial health today? The potential ravages of a personal long term care situation! The CLHIA estimates it will cost almost $1.2 trillion to provide long term care to the baby boomer generation as they pass through old age, and that current government programs and funding will only cover about half of this. The resulting $590 billion funding shortfall is the equivalent of about 95% of all individual registered savings plans in Canada today.

Your clients need to know about this alarming reality and how it will affect the plan you have built with them. This is where Karen comes in. She wants to help you to protect your clients from the devastation that a long term care situation can wreak on their finances and their families.

Karen’s value proposition

Working with Karen allows you the luxury of continuing to focus on your core business while ensuring your duty of care for the long term care discussion is fulfilled.

How does it all work?

Simple for you…

  • I’ll work with you to target and contact select clients
  • I’ll help you to plan and run a dynamic seminar/customer appreciation evening
  • I’ll follow up with the clients, write the application and follow the business through the process to completion

Your clients will appreciate your proactive approach to planning

Simple for your clients…I provide…

  • An interesting and lively seminar about the healthcare system in Canada today
  • A visit from a knowledgeable long term care insurance expert
  • A call to action

Simple next step…

Contact Karen and find out how her approach provides peace of mind for your clients while enhancing your productivity.