Boomers stressed about financial future

Canada's baby boomers are a happy lot, but are worried about their financial future. A survey for BMO Financial Group finds only 28 per cent of boomers are very confident that they will be financially secure in old age, compared to 41 per cent of those under 40 years of age and 47 per cent 60 years and older. A third of boomers believe their standard [...]

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Researchers: Middle-age lifestyle factors foretell long-term care need

Twenty years of data indicate there is a strong correlation between nursing home admission and the presence of certain unhealthy lifestyle-related factors in middle age. Researchers at the Institute for Health at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ, found that, by and large, the same factors that increase the risk of disease and early death also increase the risk of requiring nursing home care later in [...]

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Winter 2005 News

Healthcare a concern for investors: poll (February 15, 2006) The future of Canada's healthcare system is a source of concern for many when planning their retirement, according to a survey from TD Waterhouse, and that level of concern is rising. In a client poll, the brokerage found 61% of respondents expressed concern about rising healthcare costs, compared to 54% last year. The potential for privatization of [...]

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Canadians lack financial plan to cope with critical illness

According to a June 2005 Ipsos-Reid survey commissioned by Sun Life Financial and its Clarica advisors, nine in ten Canadians (89 per cent) have had a friend or relative suffer a critical illness such as heart attack or cancer, yet almost half (49 per cent) have no plan to cover the high costs and loss of income associated with living through such an illness. Even among [...]

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Something To Spark Long Term Care

Most living benefits professionals are aware that too many Canadians live in ignorance about long term care costs and needs. However, when US based MetLife published the results of their Long-Term Care IQ Test, the situation was revealed to be almost unbelievable. What this survey indicated was a pervasive ignorance about LTC in a society where more and more people are growing older and older and [...]

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Welcome to the launch issue of Long Term Care News and Views!

Many of you have requested that we keep in touch and provide ongoing long term care information that will help you better understand the planning process so you can discuss the issues with your clients. You also asked us to keep you informed about new products, services and seminars that we develop. News & Views will arrive quarterly in your mailbox. We want your feedback! Tell us what [...]

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